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MDS is Tackling Tobacco


MDS has been working on a 12 month project with the Cancer Council NSW to assist service participants and staff to quit smoking. The vision of the Tackling Tobacco program is to reduce health and social inequalities arising from smoking in the community. The program aims to:

  • Increase MDS’ capacity to address smoking
  • Provide our clients with support to stop smoking
  • De-normalise smoking in the community sector
  • Reduce opportunities to smoke within MDS and the community sector broadly.

Some of the actions that the committee have implemented include:

  • Training for project committee members
  • Promotion of the benefits of quitting smoking
  • Review and changes to the MDS Smoking and Passive Smoking Policy
  • Purchase of nicotine replacement products for people to try
  • Development of resource packs to assist staff and service participant to learn more about how to quit

The next stage of the project will be focused on providing training to other staff around supporting someone to quit smoking.

We have already received enquiries from service participants and staff wishing to quit smoking. Some of the benefits that people see are around improved health and saving money.

For more information please call Julie or Alyse on (02) 4621 8400