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Behaviour Support Services

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Behaviour Intervention Support Service (BISS)

BISS supports people 12 years of age and over with an intellectual disability who demonstrate challenging behaviours and who are living with their family.

BISS uses positive approaches in identifying and managing these challenging behaviours through the development of a Behaviour Support Plan. Each plan outlines strategies in which to deal with the behaviour of concern.

The individual themselves, their family/ carers or service providers can make a referral to BISS my contacting them directly.

Behaviour Support Implementation Service (BSIS)

BSIS supports children, young people and adults with a cognitive disability who present with challenging and complex behaviours. They must currently access an ADHC direct or ADHC funded respite and have a Behaviour Support Plan. An individual does not need to have had their plan written by MDS’ BISS to access the BSIS.

BSIS coordinates the implementation of the Behaviour Support Plan in the individual’s respite service as well as at home, school, after school care or day programs to ensure consistency of behaviour support across environments. BSIS does this by providing training, mentoring and coaching to respite staff, families and carers and other relevant stakeholders of the individual.