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World No Tobacco Day


This World No Tobacco Day support someone you know to quit smoking, by joining forces and making a pledge at
The ‘We Can Quit’ campaign encourages smokers to quit by letting them know that their friends, family and Australian celebrities are quitting something too to support them.

Quit together at

We all know that smoking will damage our health, but did you know that smoking is actually the leading risk factor for preventable cancer and that 1 in 5 cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking?
This is because cigarettes contain more than 60 chemicals that cause cancer. When you inhale cigarette smoke these chemicals enter your lungs and spread through your body via blood and lymph systems.
Just over 16% of Australians smoke, but 3 in 4 smokers say they are interested in quitting.

MDS has committed to supporting those who want to quit through the Cancer Council’s Tackling Tobacco program. Find out more about the program here.

If you are pledging to quit, or know someone who is interested in quitting please phone (02) 4621 8400