We care about you

Each service is designed to meet the needs of each individual

The ability to provide an individualised program is based on listening to our consumer requests, desires and needs to ensure that MDS better meets each person's goals

Our Vision

Back in 1982, MDS envisioned a world where people with a disability participated fully in society and were valued and empowered to realise their potential.’ This vision that Macarthur Disability Services began in 1982 has continued to inspire our aims and goals and has enabled MDS to become a premier non-profit community organisation in the Macarthur region. With operations across South West Sydney and the Southern Highlands, MDS continues to lead the way in their person centred approaches to service delivery.

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Our Organisational Values are

  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Empowerment
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Who do we support?

MDS continues to provide a range of services, activities and connections to a wide demographic of people including: People with a disability, People with a mental illness, The aged, Families, Carers

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Strategic Direction

MDS to become an industry leader in the recognition and development of skilled and professional staff. MDS to identify and develop programs and services based around identified and emerging needs that are flexible, innovative and designed with service participants, and in line with evidenced based practice. MDS to strengthen and grow existing partnerships and develop new partnerships that enhance service delivery and design.

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