Changes Coming Into Effect 1st July 2021

The NDIS allow providers, like MDS, to charge a standard rate per hour for our supports. The current hourly rate encompasses a range of costs for providing your service. For example, a component of the hourly rate supports MDS to run our centres.

From the 1 July 2021, the NDIS are introducing a new approach to how supports are charged. The change has been introduced so everyone can understand each person’s individual needs. NDIS will require providers to change the way we calculate your service and break down services charges further.

From the 1 July, you will see two new items introduced by the NDIS. They are Capital Centre Costs and Non-Face-to-face. Capital Centre Costs is a standard rate set by the NDIS which supports MDS to operate our sites. Non-Face-to-face encompasses all the recording, documenting, communication and planning we do to provide your service.

Both the Non-Face-to-face and Capital Centre costs were previously included in a fixed rate per hour however they will now be separated along with the direct support rate. Your hourly rate for direct support will continue to be charged as per your ratio of support.

What will happen next – Your Regional Manager will contact you on an individual basis to discuss the changes before the 1 July. We will also consult and develop a variation to your Service Agreement.