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Social and Community Participation

Improved Daily Living

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Preparing Shopping Lists

Money Handling

Travel Training

Personal Hygiene

Household Cleaning

The program is designed to increase a participant’s daily living skills and independence. The service runs in the Campbelltown area for children (13-17 year olds) on a Monday or Wednesday night and for adults on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The program uses a practical hands-on approach to learning. You’ll get to practice and develop skills including cooking, menu planning, preparing shopping lists, money handling, travel training, personal hygiene and household cleaning.

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Meet Emma

I attend the Living Skills program at MDS. Before I started the Living Skills Program, I was really scared & nervous to use public transport, as it was not something I had done before.

The Living Skills staff helped me to understand all the steps of catching a bus including which bus stop to wait at; how to top up my Opal Card and strategies to use, to help with my anxiety.

These days I am confident to catch the bus and train with staff support. I am proud of this achievement.

The Living Skills program has also helped me to feel confident in going into shopping centres. I was not able to do this before, but now I can comfortably go to the shops with my Mum and not feel so anxious.

Participant at Living Skills

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